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There are pros and cons to having both a wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace in Colorado, and it comes down to personal preference for which one you’ll have in your home. Both provide comfort and warmth, but maintaining them is very different.

When it comes to a gas-burning fireplace, you’ll have to ensure that there is enough gas to keep the fireplace running for as long as you want it to run. This can get expensive. You’ll also have to ensure that the lines are free from holes and cracks so that there aren’t any leaks.

Putting Out a Fire ProperlyThere is very little cleaning that needs to be done with a gas fireplace, and they are often turned on just by flipping a switch. The flame maintains itself, and when it’s time to go to bed, it can be turned off by once again flipping a switch.

A lot of people enjoy the smell and feel of wood burning in a fireplace and will go out of their way to pick wood that emits a variety of different smells. They may not mind having to add logs as the flames die down or the work it takes to get the fire initially started.

The maintenance for this kind of fireplace is a bit more involved than a gas fireplace. Wood-burning fireplaces need to be cleaned and have the ashes removed. The chimney also needs to be checked for any cracks or issues, as well as cleaned to remove debris that could be a fire hazard. These create a lot of smoke, so if it isn’t vented properly, it can cause a lot of problems in the house.

Wood also has to be purchased or prepared to go into the fire, and this can be time-consuming or costly. It also has to be stored, and that can take up a lot of space. There’s also a chance that living creatures will make a home in your woodpile. But, again, some people don’t mind dealing with these things if they get to enjoy a toasty warm fire all winter long.

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