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One of the many things that homeowners have to consider when choosing new products during major appliance sales in Lyons, CO, is what type of material they are most interested in getting. Stainless steel has been a popular choice for many years, which is mainly due to its incredible durability.

It is resistant to many things, including rusting. Unfortunately, stainless steel is not completely invulnerable to rust and still has the possibility to develop rust if not properly taken care of. Here are a few things that you can do in your home to help prevent your stainless steel appliances from rusting.

Replacing Refrigerator

Stainless steel is very durable as long as it’s taken care of properly.

Don’t Use Steel Pads

Trying to use steel to clean steel is never going to end well. This also applies to stainless steel, which is why you should never try to use steel pads in order to clean a stainless steel appliance. In fact, you should avoid using any sort of scraper or wire brush as well. These products can create scratches in the appliance, which can then let in moisture and lead to rust developing.

Make Sure to Use Specific Types of Cleaners

There are a lot of different types of cleaners that can be used to try and keep the stainless steel products looking good. However, only a few types of them are actually totally safe to use on stainless steel. When it comes time to clean your stainless steel appliances, you are going to want to make sure to use either a non-chloride, alkaline, or alkaline-chlorinated cleaners. These use ingredients that are not going to cause extensive damage to the stainless steel material.

You can occasionally use a chlorinated cleaner, but if you do, then you must make sure to immediately rinse and dry it off after you finish washing it.

Make sure your stainless steel appliances always look their best by regularly getting them serviced by our team at Hi-Tech Appliance in Lyons, CO

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