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With the increase of technology, electric fireplaces have become an entirely new fireplace option available. Electric fireplaces act like a real fire because they project moving flames, and emit heat. These benefits don’t come without some disadvantages as well. Sometimes the flames look very unrealistic and the heat projected can cost you a lot of extra money a month.

By going through this list of the pros and cons of electric fireplaces, you’ll get a better idea of if this is the type of fireplace for your home in Erie, CO.


Electric fireplaces are extremely cheap to install in your home. They are a heat and light source instead of having lights on in a room. Electric fireplaces can move with you. Whether that be to a different room or a new house, all they have to do is be plugged into a power source and you’ll be good to go.

Electric fireplaces are ideal for a space in your room that couldn’t fit a regular-sized fireplace. They can fit into tight spaces with ease.

Modern electric fireplacesCons

Unlike wood fireplace sales, electric fireplaces have just recently become a new fad in Erie, CO. Despite the great price, there are some negatives about them. To begin, the fires are fake. This basically takes away all the joy of having a real fire. Since the fireplaces are electric, they won’t work during a power outage.

Essentially, electric fires are just large space heaters. Even though they’re cheap to install, if you use them for heat, your electric costs will be astronomical.

The styles of electric fireplaces are also limited to other types of fireplaces. Gas-burning and wood fireplaces have many more styles that can suit the design of your home.

If you’re looking for a new electric fireplace, get in contact with Hi-Tech Appliance to see what they have available.

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