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Having an outdoor kitchen allows you to entertain guests and create some amazing dishes and memorable parties. Using the outdoor space for as long as possible is important, but at some point, the weather will make it challenging to cook outside. That’s when it’s time to get the kitchen ready for winter.

Winters in Colorado can get nasty, with freezing temperatures and tons of snow. Making sure your outdoor kitchen is protected is a good idea—that way, when spring rolls around, you can start cooking as soon as the weather gets warm. Some things to winterize and maintain your kitchen include the following.

  1. Turn off the water

This is especially important for when the weather dips into the negative degrees. Having a broken water pipe causes lots of problems. Shutting off the water from the inside and blowing out the water lines will keep pipes free from freezing.

  1. Remove items from the fridge

Clean out the fridge and freezer and turn off the appliance. You’ll also need to disconnect the water line (if there is one) so that it doesn’t freeze over the winter and destroy the appliance.

  1. Protect the cabinets

Depending on what type of cabinets you have in your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to make sure they are ready for winter. This will probably include oiling them or sealing them in some fashion. You may also consider putting a cover on them so they are protected from the wind and any debris that might be carried with it.

  1. Protect the countertops

More than likely you have some type of stone or super tough countertops that can withstand the elements. You may still consider covering them for the winter months. Again, the wind can carry ice and debris, which could scratch the surface, making the counters difficult to clean. Things may also inadvertently fall on them, adding cracks, chips, or divots.

Keeping your outdoor kitchen nice and functional means preparing it for the winter. Removing all water from pipes is incredibly important to prevent them from freezing and breaking. For more tips on how to keep your outdoor kitchen nice, talk to the professionals at Hi-Tech Appliance.

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