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There are a lot of reasons why someone might need to purchase a new fridge or other appliance. If it is because they have stopped working, then you can’t exactly wait it out a few months in order to get a new one. However, if you are wanting to get a new appliance because you simply want to upgrade your current model, then you are going to need to know when the best times to get a new appliance are. Here are the best times of the year when you should be looking at purchasing new appliances.


Most people know the trick of visiting grocery stores on the day after Easter or Halloween because all of the chocolate that they didn’t sell will likely be on sale. It turns out that this trick actually appliances to home appliances as well. Most stores will be trying to make room for all of their new models in January, which means that they will be more motivated to get rid of any older models they still have. So as long as you don’t mind getting an appliance that is a year or two old, then you can usually find some pretty good major appliance sales in Westminster, CO.

Kitchen Appliance Trends

Appliance models are usually cheaper in the second half of the year.

September and October

Although January is when stores are really motivated to make room for new inventory, September and October are when they actually first receive this new inventory. Therefore, a lot of people will be coming in to look at the latest appliance models, which will make the older models less in-demand.

This means that you can usually get them for a fairly low price since most people aren’t going to want an older model when they can instead have a brand new model. But in reality, the differences between the models are often very minor and going with the previous year models can save hundreds of dollars.

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