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Having a fire pit in your backyard can make or break the fall season. Nothing beats getting cozy by a fire with a cup of warm apple cider and some snacks. It’s a great treat that can be shared with your friends and family members.

However, when dealing with fire, it is important to know how to handle it properly. It can be one thing to start a fire, but it is important to know how to put out a fire properly. There a couple of tricks to making sure that your fire is completely extinguished.

Keep Water Close By

Having a bucket of water nearby is absolutely necessary when you are dealing with fire. This can give you confidence knowing that the fire can be doused if it starts to spread or grows too big. Even after the flames have disappeared, be sure to fully douse the coals. Coals for continue to burn for hours even after the fire has died. This can be a fire hazard as if enough debris falls into the fire pit then it can re-light and possibly spread.

Putting Out a Fire Properly

Use Dirt or Sand

If you don’t have any water close by, dirt and sand can be used as an alternative. Slowly stir the mixture into the fire until the embers have died. However, do not dump dirt on the fire and walk away. Burying a fire does not necessarily douse it. Buried fires can continue to burn and spread to objects like tree roots or dried grass. This can cause damage to the fire pit or property. Thankfully there are a number of companies in the Boulder, CO area that specialize in outdoor fire pit sales.

Watch the Fire Until it Dies

Waiting to make sure that the embers have stopped burning is a vital part of fire fit safety. Coals and embers can continue to burn even after the fire has been doused. Watching the embers lets you know how much water, dirt or sand you need to fully douse the fire.

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