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It’s not uncommon for a washing machine to stop spinning. This problem can occur because of several different issues, most of which skilled technicians can repair within the shortest possible time.

Common Reasons Why A Washing Machine Stops Spinning

These are some of the common things that cause problems in the spinning function of a washing machine and why you might need to hire a professional for residential washing machine repair:

  • Top-Loading Washing MachinesBlockage In The Drain Pump – If you have a blocked drain pipe, it can affect your washing machine’s spin function. This blockage could be caused by some small item like a hairpin, coin or even lint. The machine may not drain completely, or will take longer to drain if there is a blockage in the drain pipe.
  • Imbalance in The Drum– When the wash load is too heavy for your machine, or if you are attempting to wash just a single large item, the machine detects a risk. If its drum is imbalanced or moves too much, it will put pressure on the machine, making it move around vigorously or even break entirely. An imbalance in the drum is one of the most typical reasons for a machine not spinning.

The simplest way to avoid this problem is to ensure that you do not overload the washing machine. If you have just one large piece of linen to wash, add a few smaller pieces as that will help balance out the load. Check whether the machine is on level ground and ensure it isn’t leaning on one side.

  • Worn Out Motor Brushes- The washer’s motor brushes connect its drum to the motor. These brushes can deteriorate; while your machine will fill up with water and drain correctly, it will not spin, and that means the clothes will not get cleaned as they should. In this case, you would have to call experts for major appliance repair and service.

What Can You Do?

In addition to these, there are several other reasons why your washing machine might not be functioning as it should. A fault in the motor, electric controls, and pumps are some of the other common reasons why your washing machine might not be spinning.

Whether you need the spin issue fixed or residential washing machine repair done, always hire skilled and experienced professionals with extensive experience in handling all types of appliancesrepair tasks.

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