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For most families, the kitchen is a central part of the home, which is why it’s a hotspot for remodels. But if you don’t have the finances or time on hand to do an entire tear-out, here are some tips to refresh and get the most out of your kitchen.

Appliance Tune-ups

Your kitchen powers your family, and therefore, your house. If its major players are going to undergo major usage or have in the past, you’ll want to make sure they’re still working at peak performance. Additionally, tuning up your existing appliances is a much more inexpensive option than buying new ones. Make sure to get major appliance repair and service on a regular basis to keep your refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher working smoothly.

Benefits of Professional RepairNot Your Color

If the green walls of your kitchen are starting to make you groan, it could be time for a change. Try updating the space with a new paint job! Not only is it a cheap way to make your kitchen feel fresh and new again, but you can use the opportunity to pick a palette for the rest of your house.

Lighting It Up

Another tip that homeowners are trying is to switch up the lighting in the kitchen. This has the added benefit of an excuse to try some of the many energy-efficient options on the market; this way, your kitchen refresh ends up saving you money! Whether you’ve always wanted to try pot lights, or that 60s-inspired groovy geometric pendant has been calling out to you, installing new light fixtures can update it and cast a fresh glow over everything, literally!

Make A Splash

Finally, when you’re finishing up your refresh, nothing says “done” like a shiny new backsplash. This is the perfect way to make a space feel like you’ve just stepped into a home decor magazine. Make sure to go with a reputable contractor with tile-laying experience, and then pick out some timeless tiles that are sure to make your kitchen sparkle.

Looking to refresh your kitchen? Visit the Hi-Tech Appliance showroom in Louisville, CO, for all of your major appliance sales needs or contact us today. We have over 30 years of experience in the business and we’re ready to take care of you!


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