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With some regular maintenance, you can keep your refrigerator in great shape for years to come. Here are some important care tips for your refrigerator.

Condenser coils

The condenser coils on the back or bottom of your refrigerator do an extremely important job. They are responsible for removing heat from your unit to keep the cooling system running as efficiently as possible. However, it is common for the condenser coils to gather dust and dirt over time, impacting their ability to cool the unit. Regularly cleaning the condenser coils with a brush, broom, or vacuum will help to keep your unit running efficiently, saving you money your energy bill and avoiding unnecessary stress on your refrigerator.


With the cooling of warm outside air, a freezer will pull moisture out of the air, causing it to condense and freeze on the inside walls of your unit. As the accumulation builds up, it can impact the way your freezer circulates air, and also cuts down on your freezer space. It is a good idea to occasionally defrost your freezer by emptying and unplugging the unit, allowing the frost to melt and dry. Once defrosted, you can plug it back in and you’re good to go.

how to deodorize the fridge

Keep it clean

To extend the life of your fridge, make sure you’re keeping it clean. Use airtight storage containers to seal doors and keep your food fresh for longer. Keep leaky packages on a plate or bowl to prevent big spills, and use soap and water or an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the inside of your fridge regularly. Using a deodorizer might also be a good idea to keep the inside of your refrigerator smelling pleasant.

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