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It’s easy to take some of our modern conveniences for granted. The refrigerator, for example, is something we use every day for food storage—even when it feels like there’s nothing good in there. It’s only when the power goes out, or there’s a catastrophic failure that we become aware of how attached we are to our appliances. To avoid even more expensive repairs or even replacement, there are a few things to look out for with your refrigerator that will indicate you should call for service.

Spike in Energy Costs

If you start to notice that your energy bill is spiking without making any changes to your energy consumption, there may be several culprits. The refrigerator consumes a large proportion of household energy, so it’s always a good place to start. Visually inspect your fridge for any abnormalities and have a service tech run some diagnostics.

Puddle Party?

Refrigerators are in the business of cooling, not dripping. If you notice puddles of water underneath the fridge, it’s time to have someone come in and take a look. There could be a leak in a connector, a faulty seal, or some other part may need repair. Don’t just stick a towel underneath the fridge and call it a day—it’s time for an expert.

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Premature Spoilage

Have you noticed that food is frequently going bad before its expiration date? Your refrigerator may be too warm. The simple first diagnostic is to check the thermostat and make an adjustment if it’s too warm. If that doesn’t work, it’s definitely time to have a technician investigate the problem.

Hi-Tech Appliance specializes in residential refrigerator repair in addition to residential refrigerator sales. Contact us if you notice that something might be wrong. Catch problems before they get worse and get a repair specialist to take a look.

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