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The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in a home but it is also the least maintained of all the appliances. The fridge is not a low-cost appliance, yet most homeowners tend to take little care of it, leading to the fridge eventually breaking down and causing food and drinks contained within to go bad.

To maintain a good and healthy fridge over a long period of time, here are some tips that you should follow.

Daily Cleaning

Wine & Drinks CoolerTo avoid having to call in a major appliance repair and service, make it a habit to undertake some basic cleaning tasks on a daily basis to ensure your fridge is well-maintained. Before cleaning, check to make sure that your fridge is not too close to other objects or walls. If people are bumping into and moving it, you should readjust its position so it isn’t coming into contact with anything else.

If you are noticing unpleasant odors being emitted every time you open the fridge, check to see what is causing the smell. Generally, these smells are caused by open food and drink and you can easily cover these items to stop the smells. Or keep a container of baking soda in the fridge to absorb the smells.

At other times, it could be because of a spill or worse, because food has spoiled. Check your fridge thoroughly for the source of the odor and rectify it as quickly as possible.

Monthly Maintenance

Did you know that the gasket—the lining between your fridge door and the body—in your fridge door can collect dirt, debris, and grime? This dirt build-up over time can prevent the fridge door from closing properly and lead to food inside getting spoiled. Clean the gaskets every month, or every few months, so that the seal remains intact.

You should also look at cleaning the condenser coils that are located at the back of your fridge, which collect dust and debris. This can affect how the fridge cools over time. Alternatively, you can speak to a residential refrigerator repair service for advice.

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