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There are some problems that will inevitably come up when you have a grill, and many of those problems are easily fixable. Some other issues may require a service technician to come out and take a look, and in a worst-case scenario, the grill may need to be replaced. Here are a few ways to tell when you should get a repair and when it’s time to replace your grill.

Removable Parts

When it comes to a gas grill, there are a few parts that are replaceable. The ceramic briquettes, grill grates, burners, and igniter. A grill isn’t a super complex sort of machine, and you can usually isolate the problem pretty quickly if you have a little bit of technical know-how.

Ceramic Briquettes

Depending on the style of gas grill you have, you could have ceramic tiles or lava rocks in the base of the grill. These briquettes or tiles can provide a more even heat source. Over time, these can break or become overly caked with residue and will need to be replaced.


Grill grates are where your food comes into direct contact with the grill. If a grill grate becomes too rusty or warped, it will need to be replaced. The new grill grate can be ceramic, cast iron, and more.

Outdoor Appliances

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An igniter is very easy to replace and only costs about $20. You may need to call a service technician to come out to your house to determine if the issue lies with your igniter or with the burner if you’re not sure.


Unlike the igniter, the burner is a little more expensive to replace, and you’ll want to consider whether replacing the burner is worth the cost of repair.

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