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Key Things to Consider When Shopping for Range Hoods

If you are in the market for a new range hood, there are many factors to consider before making your final decision. Apart from selecting the right size and the style that matches your kitchen design, your new hood should effectively remove odors and smoke. Let’s take a look at key pointers regarding functionality.

Ventilation Type

Range hoods can be either vented/ducted hood or non-vented/duct-free/recirculated hood.

Vented hoods force the air outside of your house, making this the best choice to completely remove smoke and smells. They are also far more efficient than ductless ones, but costlier upfront than non-ducted hoods.

With ductless range hood, no ductwork is required. However, you will need to replace the filters and clean your range hood more frequently.

Range Hoods in Colorado


The fan’s CFM (cubic feet per minute) is a measurement of fan power to move the air. The more CFM units, the more effective it will be at its job. Ideally, you should have 1 CFM of ventilation per 100 British thermal units (BTU) of a gas range. For people who do a lot of cooking that generates strong odors or steam, it is recommended to go for an exhaust hood rated for at least 350 CFM.

Fan Speeds

Fans typically have three to six speed settings. Two speed options will be sufficient, one for high-speed, powerful venting, and other less powerful for quieter venting.

More powerful hoods equal higher speeds, thus they will be louder.

Ease of Installation

Most ducted range hoods involve complex installation, so you will most likely want to hire a professional. On the other hand, many ductless models are much easier to install and may be possible install by yourself.

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