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How do you choose the right fireplace stone for your new electric or wood fireplace? The decision involves design and practical considerations as well as cost. Your new fireplace stone should look good and fit your lifestyle. Limestone and marble are the most popular options today. There are also more affordable options that look great. If you don’t know what kind of stone will suit your needs in Longmont, CO, get in contact with Hi-Tech Appliance, they specialize in gas fireplace sales.

Design Fireplace and stove for your home

Limestone is an excellent choice if you want a contemporary and natural look that blends well with most neutral colors. Materials and furniture made of wood or plastic go well with limestone. Rooms that look good with limestone include urban minimalist designs or more rural and rustic living spaces. 

Buying marble for your fireplace will bring an air of sophistication to any room. A marble fireplace stands out and there is a larger selection of color. Rooms suited for marble fireplaces include luxury condominiums and large family homes, but ordinary suburban homes looking to renovate will also enjoy the benefits of a marble fireplace. 

Practical Considerations 

Limestone is a cheaper stone and easy to clean but the color selection is limited. Limestone fireplace maintenance also requires sealing to protect against moisture. Marble is far more expensive but also far more durable. Marble fireplaces require less cleaning than limestone but must also be sealed. 

Affordable Options 

The most popular stone choice for new fireplaces today are limestone and marble. If these stones are not in your budget, there are cheaper options for your stone fireplace. Granite and slate are two additional options. Granite is a shinier and more versatile stone. It is scratch resistant and easy to clean. Slatestone fireplaces are more difficult to clean but have a refined matte stone look. 

If you’re looking for help deciding on which stone is right for your new fireplace, get in contact with Hi-Tech Appliance. We have a great selection of stone products that will help accentuate your fireplace and your personal style. 


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