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Range Styles for Your Kitchen in Colorado

When you are in the market for a new range in Colorado, you will come across with two common styles: free-standing ranges and slide-in ranges. Your decision will be influenced most likely by your preferences and the kitchen design layout. There is not such thing as the best range style, as both offer similar features.Free-Standing Ranges in Colorado

Free-Standing Ranges

This type of ranges include panels on both sides that give them a complete finished look from any angle. Unlike slide-in ranges, they do not require cabinets and countertops on both sides to hide their unfinished sides. So, these ranges can fit anywhere in your kitchen.

They have an oven and burners, and a backsplash that typically includes touch controls, knobs, and a clock. Depending on features, it is typically the least expensive range option.

Most freestanding ranges come in 30’’, 40’’, 24’’ or 20’’ widths.

Slide-In Ranges Slide-in Ranges in Colorado

The main difference with freestanding ranges is that they do not have a built-in backsplash. Instead, they have the controls on the front which eliminate the need for reaching over hot burners to set or adjust the controls in the rear. This could be considered as a benefit for some homeowners, as it will not interrupt the look of your countertop or backsplash tile. Take into account that their side panels are not finished, so there must be cabinets on each side.

Slide-in ranges are only available in 30 inches wide, and they sit on top of the countertops and give your kitchen a built-in look just like a wall oven but at an affordable price.

Just keep in mind that ovens are usually slightly smaller than the ovens in free-standing ranges.

Whether you choose to buy a free-standing range or a slide-in range, you can rely on Hi-Tech Appliance. We are a reputable appliance dealer in Colorado. We only sell the best appliance brands in the market. Visit our beautiful showroom in Louisville to get inspired.

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