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Most people are reliant on various home appliances and have quite a few of them in their kitchen. Stovetops, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, etc., are all very common in most homes. However, there are times when an appliance breaks down or begins to function erratically. In such situations, you need to decide whether to repair or replace it.

The Right Time for Repairing Kitchen Appliances

Modern major appliances are hardy and built to last for many years.

Modern major appliances are hardy and built to last for many years. When you have them serviced regularly and fix issues as soon as you notice them, it can help increase their service life. You might want to consider repairing kitchen appliances if:

  • The product is under warranty.
  • There are minor and inexpensive repairs only.
  • The appliance is relatively new and working fine otherwise.

Repairs are ideal for relatively new appliances. Check the expected lifespan of the appliance online before deciding whether repairing kitchen appliances is the right choice.

When to Replace Your Appliances

Replacing major appliances might seem heavy on the pocket. However, in certain situations, it’s a better option than dealing with constant repairs. Consider appliance replacement if the system is:

  • Beyond the warranty period and the issues are significant.
  • Near the end of its lifespan.
  • The repair costs are above 50% of replacement costs.
  • The unit isn’t functioning as efficiently as energy-efficient modern alternatives.
  • Performing inconsistently despite constant repairs.

In any of these above situations, call in an experienced appliance repair technician for a thorough assessment of the unit.  They will offer their professional opinion after assessing the appliance’s condition. A credible company would never recommend replacing the appliance if simple repairs would solve the problem and if the unit was new.

Homeowners should know that replacement could cost more than repairs and need to factor in installation costs as well. Most established appliance repair companies don’t charge additional fees to remove older appliances during replacement. Many will also give you a certain amount for it. When you are purchasing kitchen appliances, source them from a credible company that has a proven track record. It’s best to invest in high-grade, energy-efficient modern kitchen appliances, rather than frequently repairing kitchen appliances that are nearing the end of their service life. Purchasing a quality appliance will give you a good ROI and will be covered with product warranties for a certain time frame, too, cutting down on replacement and repair costs significantly. A kitchen remodel is a good time to assess the condition of kitchen appliances and replace them with modern, efficient ones.

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