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Among kitchen appliances, cooktops are amongst the most important. Chances are you rely on them when preparing a large majority of meals for your family, and wouldn’t be able to do without them. But what happens when your cooktop isn’t working properly and something needs to be prepared? Would you even be able to tell? Keep reading to discover a few signs that it might be time to get your cooktop repaired. You may just need major appliance repair and service in Denver, CO

Your Burners Aren’t Heating Up Properly

If you noticed your burners haven’t been heating up as well as they used to, and you’ve started cranking up the temperature higher than you used to when preparing the same foods, you might have a problem with the internal components. First, check to see if your appliance is plugged in properly to an outlet. If it is, it’s highly recommended to call a professional to inspect your appliance and see what the underlying problem is.

caliber applianacesYou’re Noticing Signs of Corrosion

If you notice signs of rust or corrosion on your burners that can’t be removed when you clean it, your burners might be damaged and need to be replaced. While cooking might be harmless, the more oils and dirt you get on your burners, the less effective they can start to be over time. Try cleaning it first and see if the rust comes off, as stains are often mistaken for rust or corrosion. If you’ve tried cleaning and they don’t come off, it might be time to call a professional for replacement services.

The Hot Surface Sign isn’t Turning On

Another important component of your cooktop is the hot surface sign. To help you and your family stay safe in the kitchen it’s important to know when the surface is still hot and shouldn’t be touched. While it might be easy to avoid while cooking, you need to know how long it stays hot for after you’re done cooking. If your indicator doesn’t turn on, or it turns off too quickly, you should get your cooktop inspected.

If you notice any of the signs above that your cooktop might need major appliance repair and service, contact Hi-Tech Appliance in Longmont, CO, or an area near you. We’ll help you diagnose and address the problem to maximize your convenience, safety, and  the utility of your appliances.

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