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Any Colorado homeowner would agree that a great dishwasher is a lifesaver when it comes to maintaining a clean, sleek kitchen. At their best, dishwashers are handy appliances that mean fast cleanup. Less time at the sink means more time spent with family and friends.

Like any kitchen appliance, dishwashers age. When dishwashers age, problems usually follow. But will all dishwasher woes put you on the path to buying a replacement? Not necessarily. If your dishwasher has any of these following problems, it may live to wash another day.


A leaky dishwasher can feel like a nightmare. In some cases, this may be an indication that the dishwasher should be replaced. More frequently, leaks are usually indications of loose piping, an incorrect installation, or another plumbing issue. Before you throw your machine away, check with a residential dishwasher service like Hi-Tech Appliance to determine whether this is a solvable problem.

The Dishwasher Won’t Drain

This is often an issue of user error. When a dishwasher won’t drain, it’s often due to foreign objects like foil, plastic wraps, bones or other hard-to-filter residue getting caught in the draining process. The easiest way to fix this is to have a major appliance repair and service specialist disconnect the washer and drain it manually, while removing the clog.

Dirty Dishes After a Wash Cycle

There are many reasons you may end up with unsatisfactory results after a dishwashing cycle. In most cases, however, this issue can be resolved on your own. You may be using an inadequate detergent, or overloading your washer with dishes. It may also be a possibility that you need to do some experimenting with the different wash options your washer offers.

LifespanKitchen Appliance Trends

The lifespan of most dishwashers is 10 years. If your dishwasher is well within its prime, there is a good chance calling in a residential dishwasher service is worth the money. But what if you really love your unit, and it has served you well for over that time? If repairing your washer costs under half the price of replacing it, a repair service is well worth it.

If you need your dishwasher repaired or have any questions regarding cooking/cleaning equipment issues, call a Hi-Tech Appliance service professional today.

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