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Did You Know that Gas Ranges Offer Two Types of Burners?

So, you have decided to buy a new gas range in Colorado. Besides picking the right size, color, and power, you will need to choose between open or sealed gas burners. That is why we have created a simple guide so you can make a savvy decision.

Open Burners

open gas burnersIn open burners, the components are exposed. This means that more air can circulate around the flame, increasing the heat output, which makes open burners more efficient at cooking than sealed burners. Also, this burner design has crevices that allow spills into the stove area, but this means the open flame comes up directly from the center of the burner, which makes it more powerful than its counterparts. Open burners are mostly found in commercial kitchens.

Sealed Burners

sealed gas burnersSealed burners are designed so that liquids and other spills won’t go into the interior of the stove, as they have a cover between the burner and the flame. This means that the components are protected from the top so the heat is directed more around the pan rather than in the center. This design is more commonly used in residential kitchens.

Open Burners

Sealed Burners


produce more heat

better control over your cooking

cheaper than sealed burners

easier to clean

protection against liquids and other spills from going into the interior of the stove


Harder to clean Less heat output

More expensive

The bottom line is that when it comes to picking between the two gas burner types, the choice is really up to your particular tastes and cooking habits – and, of course, your budget.

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