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Everybody loves the opportunity to get outside and make a delicious meal on their outdoor grill. Unfortunately, the winter weather can often make this a bit challenging since very few people are willing to stand outside in below-freezing temperatures for several minutes in order to eat some burgers or steak.

However, there are nicer winter days where the weather isn’t actually too bad and someone could very easily go outside and grill up something tasty. But before you get outside and attempt to use your outdoor grill in the middle of winter, here are a few tips on how to successfully grill during the coldest time of the year.

Surprise Dishes For Your Grill

Chicken can be cooked fast and easily on an outdoor grill.

Provide Plenty of Warmup Time

Most people already know that an outdoor grill is going to need a few minutes in order to warm up to a temperature where it is able to properly cook meat. In the warmer months, this process generally takes about 15 minutes. Therefore, when the temperature drops significantly, the grill is going to need even more time to reach the ideal temperature. You should try and give it at least 25 or even 30 minutes before attempting to put the meat on it. Otherwise, your food won’t be doing much cooking for the first few minutes that it is on there.

Choose Easy Food Items

It might be tempting to make something delicious and complicated on the grill, but if it requires you to tend to it quite frequently, then this isn’t the best idea for winter grilling. You want to pick food that minimizes how long you have to stay outdoors.

Make Sure the Lid is Shut

Keeping the grill lid open during the summer is not a great idea because it slows down the cooking time. Therefore, this becomes an even bigger issue during the winter when the air is much colder. That is why you need to make sure that you are keeping the lid closed whenever you are not moving the meat.

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