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It’s summer, and you’re probably wondering why in the heck anyone’s talking about fireplaces. But did you know that summer is the best time to do your annual maintenance.

The Importance of Inspection

You need to have your fireplace inspected by a professional every year, no matter if you have a wood burning, gas, or pellet fireplace. As part of the inspection, the technician can determine if there is any damage to your fireplace or chimney. Your chimney can sometimes take damage and you don’t realize it because it’s not actively in use. Summer inspections are a great time to discover if any creatures have moved in or if rain is coming in.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces have their own specific needs, some of which should only be handled by a professional. A technician can check the gas lines and make sure there isn’t any damage to the unit.

Benefits of Direct Vented Fireplaces


There are some things that you can do at home to clean your chimney. You can sweep and vacuum out all of the ashes, and you can clean the glass (if you have it) and the mantel. You’ll want to book your annual chimney sweep in the summer though. The closer it gets to winter, the more time you might have to wait for an appointment, so it’s best to just do it off season.

Keep the Damper Closed

Clearly, it gets pretty hot in the summer, and it can take a lot of energy to cool a house. One way to use even more energy is to leave your damper open. Not closing the damper allows cool air to easily escape.

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