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Dessert Recipes You Can Make on a Stove

Thanksgiving rolls around, and you are all set. The oven is packed with foods to feed your family their dinner meal. Then, you realize you forgot a crucial part. The dessert! You try to make room in the oven but find it impossible. Fear not because some of the best recipes can be made right on the stovetop.


Yes, you can make cookies on the stove. You will want to change up the ingredients to meet the needs of your skillet. After prepping the dough, scoop out balls about one teaspoon full. Place in the skillet and cook for a few minutes on each side. Wipe down your pan after each batch is made.


Crepes don’t need to be stuffed with breakfast foods for a tasty snack. Desert crepes are a relatively easy recipe that will be sure to impress your holiday guests. Stuff with fruit, cream cheese, whipped topping, and even chocolate to make a delicious dessert. Find out about major appliance repair and service in Thornton, CO to have your stove checked before the big meal.


Peach cobbler, apple, or berry, this interchangeable recipe can serve a lot of people without having to make room in the oven. Choose your favorite fruit and prep your dumplings to make this sweet quickly before all of the guests arrive. If cobbler isn’t your favorite dessert, try a crisp instead. Apple crisp is a fall favorite. However, different fruits can be used as well.

Try Making Fudge on the Stove

Those who have called the custom built-in appliance experts can take advantage of the cooking equipment with an easy stovetop fudge recipe. The traditional dessert is sweet and perfect for feeding a family. Just be sure to prepare this dessert ahead of time, leaving enough time for it to chill.

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