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Outdoor kitchens are exposed to harsh weather regularly, especially in regions like Colorado. Homeowners need to make sure theirs is designed to handle these conditions effectively without sustaining any damage. Drainage is one of the most important but often neglected aspects of an outdoor kitchen. Experienced installers will come up with a good design, layout, and help you choose the best appliances. They’ll also make sure you have a good drainage system in place.

Unique Conditions That Colorado Outdoor Kitchens Face

Colorado weather is notoriously rough and challenging. The region experiences heavy snowfall, rain, wind, hail, and even occasional wildfires. Here’s a look at some points to consider when planning an outdoor kitchen design in this state:

  • Snow Melt – Colorado experiences serious snowfall during winter. This snow melts quickly, producing a lot of water. If you don’t have proper drainage, this water will have nowhere to go, and that will cause substantial damage.
  • Water Accumulation – Water accumulation can cause a wide range of issues. It can ruin your cabinets and walls, damage wiring, and lead to problems like mold. Excessive water accumulation can also make your kitchen unsafe and create a hazardous situation.
  • Damage to Appliances – Pooling around built-in grills, outdoor fridges, stovetops, and other kitchen equipment can ruin them. Water can get in, damage internal components, or compromise the appliance’s function. Even if these units are designed for outdoor use, they can’t handle excessive moisture without sustaining some damage.

Speak with an experienced installer about these concerns and how to change your outdoor kitchen design accordingly. A local expert will know how different brands or models perform in these conditions.

Building Good Drainage Systems

A drainage system should direct all snowmelt away from installations like outdoor kitchens, patios, house siding, etc. That will help limit the water damage to your property significantly. Here’s a look at what most outdoor kitchen design experts will do:

  • They’ll install drains at strategic locations throughout the installation space.
  • Technicians will look at your installation site to ensure its ground is graded properly. It should slope gently towards storm drains to direct water away.
  • Experts will place drains near all kitchen appliances like grills, fridges, and stoves to ensure they are safe.

If you have questions about your outdoor kitchen design, consult with a qualified professional. You can visit Hi Tech Appliances ‘Why Us’ page to know more about us before requesting our advice. An expert technician will ask a few questions before offering recommendations.

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