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What to Look for in a Washer

Here is our guide to some factors to consider when buying a new washing machine.

Size Up Your Area

Bigger capacities often result in a device that is two or three inches wider than the usual twenty-seven inches. Measure the area you have designated for fitting the machine and allow at least six inches behind the machine for water hookups and one inch between the washer and dryer. Measure the doors to your home to make sure new appliances can fit through them.

Washing machines that scored very good or better on reliable websites that have performed noise tests are recommended to be installed near family rooms or bedrooms. You will know they are working, but they should not disturb you. While most manufacturers have minimized the vibrations of front-load washing machines, pay special attention to the vibration scores on reliable appliance review sites.

Count the Towels in Your Basket

Capacity is a simple but important consideration for washing machines. Fortunately, every washer now comes with a capacity recommendation. If you’re ever in doubt, ask the sales representative for advice.

Energy Efficiency

washing machine featuresReduce costs and help the environment with an energy-efficient washing machine. Look out for devices rated from A+++ (most efficient) down to A, depending on their electricity consumption and water usage.

When shopping for a washing machine, check out the technical information on “annual consumption” to determine how efficient they are. This information will provide you with the guidelines to the energy efficiency levels of each model. Just keep in mind that the lower the water & energy consumption, the more you will save on your bills.

Besides the above factors, there are also amazing washing machine features to consider before your final decision. Visit our blog section for more details.

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