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Is your dishwasher still cutting it? 

If any of these signs sound all too familiar, it is probably time to contact your local custom built-in appliance experts in Louisville, CO for consultation sooner rather than later.

The Dishwasher is More Than 10 Years Old

Even the best appliances don’t last forever, and if your dishwasher has been around for more than a decade, chances are it is not only outdated but no longer functioning as efficiently as it should.

The Water Temperature is Not Hot Enough

In order to give that spotless, streak-free finish, not to mention properly sanitize the dishes themselves, the water temperature needs to be nice and hot. 

If your dishes are coming out cool to the touch, your dishwasher is probably can’t cut it anymore. 

It is Leaking

A dishwasher is meant to be a sealed environment, and if your dishwasher is leaking water or dripping, you might need to get it replaced. 

Time for a New Dishwasher

Ignoring the problem is likely to lead to further damage, not to mention expensive water damage to the home and floors themselves. 

The Latch Doesn’t Work

Dishwashers need to be properly latched in order to run, and if your latch is broken or defective you won’t be able to use your dishwasher like you should be able to. 

While it might be possible to repair the latch, sometimes it just makes more sense to replace the dishwasher itself, especially if it is showing other signs of damage like rust or corrosion. 

It Doesn’t Do Its Job

If your dishes are constantly coming out dirty or spotty, or you are finding yourself having to manually rewash dishes on a regular basis, your dishwasher isn’t doing what it is designed to do!

If you are looking for the best high-quality appliance experts, look no further than Hi-Tech Appliance. We pride ourselves on servicing what we sell, so you can count on your investment lasting for years to come.  Reach out to us today to find out more.

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