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Personalize Your Room

A fireplace mantel is a great place to highlight your personality and personal sense of the world. Here are some ideas to enhance your fireplace mantel.

Ideas to Change the Look of Your Fireplace Mantel

Choosing the Material for Your Mantel

A heavier feeling mantel with dark wood, like dark oak or cherry wood, would be ideal for romantic homeowners. For those who loves antiques and traditional woodworking, your perfect mantel will likely have a historic, old-world feel. Alternatively, for a contemporary home, a more streamlined, lighter feeling mantel may be more appropriate. Light oak and maple are good choices since they are light, bright, and easily coordinate with any color. If you want a pop of color, choose a paintable surface so you can make it any color that pleases you.

fireplace mantel styles

Photo by American Hearth

Individually Crafted Mantels & Legs

Why settle for a standard model when you can personalize both items? With a custom fireplace mantel & legs, you can have the mantel of your dreams that matches your home style, and you can feel proud.

Mixing and Matching Styles

Perhaps you love the mantel of a fireplace, or you like just the legs, but not together. Wouldn’t it be great if you could put the parts that you like best together to create your fireplace surround? You can, in fact, do just that. There are companies that offer a large variety of mantels and legs that can be mixed and matched in any way you wish. It is a great way to carry your decorating style into one of the permanent structures of your home.

custom fireplace mantel

Photo by American Hearth

Changing the look of your mantel can be an easy way to breathe new life into your fireplace surround. If you have any questions about fireplace mantel styles, or if you’re considering a new mantel, please contact Hi-Tech Appliance.

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