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You have researched outdoor firepits sales and come to a decision about which firepit works best for you. Once the firepit is installed in your backyard, you can enjoy the warmth it brings and how it acts as a focal point when you’re entertaining your guests.

But as great an entertainment piece as a firepit is, if it isn’t maintained correctly, it could get damaged and cause health issues for all those who sit around it. Here are some tips on how to maintain your firepit.

1. Use the Right Tools

Top-Notch Fire Pit TablesA firepit is meant to keep you and your guests warm even on the coldest nights outdoors. But whenever you use it, a certain amount of ash and other related debris builds up within the pit, which, if left uncleaned, will make your backyard look dirty, and cause you discomfort, including severe respiratory problems.

When you purchase a firepit, you must invest in the correct tools that will help you clean and maintain the firepit and its surrounding areas. Depending on the type of firepit you have bought, the tools will differ, so find out before you buy the wrong set of tools.

For instance, wood-burning firepits require tongs for you to rearrange logs without hurting yourself. You will also have an ash scoop and a metal bucket to collect the ash in. And it always helps to purchase a spark cover for the pit so the pit stays clean for longer.

2. Cleaning

Some pits have a removable ash tray which collects excess ash. Clean this regularly so there isn’t excessive ash build up. You can also clean the pit itself with a stiff whisk brush and warm, soapy water. Scrub carefully to dislodge all debris, and if you see larger pieces of wood or debris, remove them by hand. This process can be intensive but it will ensure that your health remains intact and your firepit lasts longer.

Hi-Tech Appliance-Your High-End Appliance Provider

A clean and well-maintained firepit lasts longer and can easily be ungraded with new and better features. For anyone interested in fire pit sales or repair, reach out to Hi-Tech Appliance today.

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