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Grilling is a great activity to take up over the summer season. But as the weather continues to get colder as we’re transitioning into fall, grilling might not seem so appealing. Instead, you might be more concerned about storing your gas grill rather than actually using it. So now that we’re on the topic, how should you store your gas grill?

Cover It

One of the last things you’d want is for bugs and insects to get into your grill. You’re cooking food on there, and when pests get inside and make contact, you won’t exactly be dealing with the most desirable conditions when preparing your food. To help prevent this, find a plastic cover to put over your grill when it’s not in use. You can also keep your lid closed.

Storing Your Gas GrillWrap the Tubes

Another initiative that you can take to help prevent bugs and insects from going into your grill is covering the tubes with plastic wrap. That way, even if unwanted pests manage to get through the cover and go on the grill, they won’t be able to get inside.

Don’t Put the Tank Inside

While a charcoal grill can definitely be stored inside throughout the colder months, you shouldn’t store your propane tank in a closed space. There’s always the chance of a leak, which could lead to dangerous situations when it’s inside your home or garage. Leave that outside.

Find a Good Place to Store It

While you should leave your tank outside, you can store the grill itself inside. A good place to keep it would be in the garage, where it’s relatively cool, and has protection from changing weather conditions like snow and rain.

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Storing your grill properly is an important component in maximizing its lifespan and making sure it works well for a long time. If you notice anything that may require inspection on your grill, or you’re looking to get a new one this year, contact Hi-Tech Appliance for major appliance repair and service or grill sales.  

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