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Your dishwasher is undoubtedly one of the most hardworking appliances in your home. But even the best one won’t get the job done right if you do not load it properly. Placing cutlery and platters in the wrong spots or overfilling the machine are some of the most typical mistakes that can leave grime behind at the end of the wash cycle.

It’s always good to get residential dishwasher service done at least once annually and timely repair work when needed, to keep the appliance in good condition. Loading the dishwasher correctly is crucial to getting clean cutlery and dishes in every wash.

How to Accommodate All Dishes

Residential Laundry ServiceEvery appliance comes with a manual that will outline the best way to load dishes, but here are some quick tips to follow: 

  • Top Rack- Place all small bowls, glasses, and cups in the top rack and avoid overcrowding that obstructs the smooth flow of detergent and water. It also increases breakage risk. All your dishwasher-safe plastics should also be placed on this rack, away from heating elements that can result in warping. 
  • Bottom Rack– Large items like serving bowls and plates should be kept on the bottom rack. While you do not need to pre-rinse the dishes, do scrape all leftovers and large chunks of food into the trash. Modern dishwashers have sensors that automatically adjust the wash cycle, depending on how dirty your dishes are.
  • Back and sides- Dishwasher-safe cutting boards, platters, and similar oversized pieces should always be placed toward the back & sides, so they do not block the water spray. If you have items with baked-on food, place them toward the appliance’s lower spray and facedown. Stainless steel and aluminum can be put in the dishwasher, but gold leaf, china, wood, bronze, and brass should always be hand washed to avoid damage or discoloration.
  • Silverware- Spoons and forks should be appropriately placed in the basket with the handles facing down. Mix forks, knives and spoons, to prevent nesting.

Follow the Right Unloading Process

Just as loading the machine correctly is essential, you must also unload the dishwasher correctly. Always empty the bottom rack before the others, or else any water that collects on the glasses and mugs or concave surfaces of bowls and dishes will spill onto the pots and plates kept below.

When you use these appliances correctly, it saves you a lot of time and trouble cleaning the dishes again and extends the dishwasher’s lifespan. If you notice any problems with the machine, contact experts for major appliance repair and service immediately.

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