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A custom outdoor kitchen has become a popular renovation project for homeowners. It allows people to spend time cooking outdoors and is an excellent choice for families that love to entertain. A well-designed kitchen will last for a long time and add value to your property. You need to choose the right materials and layout to ensure it is comfortable and durable. 

Popular Stone Options

Choosing the right countertop stone is the most critical decision you need to make. These surfaces are exposed to sunlight and outdoor elements, which takes a toll on their structural integrity. Here’s a look at some of the most popular stone options available: 

  • Granite – Granite is the most popular stone option for both indoor and outdoor kitchens because it is such a resilient material. It can handle different temperatures, is strong, and won’t fade under direct sunlight.
    outdoor kitchen

    A good choice of material will boost your kitchen’s appearance and durability.

    Granite is also resistant to mold or stains when appropriately sealed.

  • Marble – Marble isn’t the most popular choice for outdoor kitchens, but it can work well under the right conditions. The stone can handle outdoor elements well if it is sealed properly. If you’re looking for outdoor kitchen materials that will stand out, marble countertops are an excellent choice for a semi-enclosed patio kitchen.
  • Natural Stone – Natural stone sourced from local quarries is an ideal solution for outdoor kitchens. It is durable, affordable, and can handle harsh conditions well. Natural stones need regular maintenance and refinishing, but many homeowners find their rugged appearance appealing.

Experts don’t recommend quartz for outdoor kitchens. It can fade, become brittle, and develop deep cracks on exposure to the sun. Stick with natural materials or choose concrete, one of the best outdoor kitchen materials because of its durability. 

Installation Costs

The installation costs can vary based on the material, location, and the contractor you hire for the job. The cost of installing a custom outdoor kitchen can range from $4,800 to $21,000. You can bring the prices down by choosing cost-effective materials and a more straightforward layout. For example, a single counter kitchen with natural stone countertops will be very affordable.

Sometimes granite is more affordable than natural stone if there’s a quarry near your location. Check the prices with local retailers or installers before deciding on the materials or layout. If you want to install an outdoor kitchen or get your firepit, request a quote, and carefully examine all the expenses. You can ask the installer about kitchen material or about saving money on the project.

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