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Finding the Right Washing Machine for Your Laundry Needs

If you are in the market for a new washing machine, you will come across two styles of washing machines: top loader or front loader. Each design has its benefits and drawbacks depending on the situation. To help you decide which appliance will be washing your laundry, we have compiled a list of some pros and cons of each.

Front Load Washing Machines



5% more effective in getting rid of stains when compared to a top loader

They aren’t as harsh on your clothes

They have a larger capacity, allowing you to wash more in a single load

Energy-efficient and require minimal water to operate

More water is removed during the spin cycle, reducing drying time

Easily fits into tighter spaces with their stackable options

More expensive than a top load washing machine

They normally have a smaller capacity than top loaders

Cycle time is generally longer, depending on the settings used

You cannot open a front loader washer to add more clothes mid-wash

Top Load Washing Machine



They are more affordable than a front load washing machine

Less bending means less back pain and strain

Some models allow you to add laundry in once the cycle has started, which isn’t an option in a front loader

Wash times are shorter

Minimal movement and vibration when completing the spin cycle

Controls are easier to use and understand

Use considerably more water & detergent

They are generally less energy efficient for most washes, in which warm water is typically used

They can create important amounts of lint due to the friction of clothes during the wash

They are usually louder than a front load washing machine

Not stackable

Should You Buy A Top Loader or Front Loader?

Only you can determine which machine is right for your needs. Each style has its own unique benefits, so think about what matters most to you when making your decision.

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