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The Latest and Best Oven Features

Since 2018 has rolled in, new appliance features have already been introduced. As far as ovens go, features for the style lover and the tech lover have both seen improvement. If it is time for an upgrade, you’ll find some of these features when shopping major appliance sales. 


Wall ovens are a favorite for style lovers. French doors are what is hot right now when it comes to the style of an oven. When these are combined, the look of a kitchen is modernized in a classic and appealing way. Gray appliances are the new stainless steel, adding simplicity and style to the look of the kitchen. For the trendiest ovens, a matte finish creates an easy to clean surface that won’t show off any fingerprints.

single wall oven


The biggest tech trend for just about everyone is Bluetooth compatibility. Oven designs have not forgotten this special feature. If you are stuck in traffic, you can preheat your oven, so it is ready for you when you get home. The feature also allows you to check your food from another room, or just about anywhere. This even allows you to turn on lights when your appliance is in use, without you having to be in the room.


For the home chef, appliance technology has not left you out. Different ovens allow you to set your finishing time, adjusting itself to cook the food perfectly in the time limit you prefer. Steam ovens have become increasingly popular, not just because they cook faster, but also because they cook well. These ovens are known for helping meats hold moisture and adding the perfect amount to other dishes.

Pick the Features You Like With Custom Ovens

The custom built-in appliance experts at Hi-Tech Appliance can help you decide which features will best suit your needs. You can stop by our showroom to view all of the choices we carry. 

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