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What to Do When Your Gas Grill Doesn’t Light Up

When the low, yellow flame in your gas grill doesn’t produce a lot of heat, it might be that you are dealing with a regulator problem. To solve this common gas grill problem, check out the information below.

The Grill Isn’t Lighting

best appliance repair service The main reason why a grill won’t light is because there is an igniter problem. If the igniter isn’t working, you need to start by checking the battery. Replace any dead or corroded batteries by unscrewing the igniter button. Put in your new AA battery and put the device back into position.

Then, look to see if the igniter is generating a spark. The igniter is located close to one of the burners, if not multiple burners. Some of the grills come equipped with an independent igniter, while others have just one igniter to light everything. If you can’t get any of your burners to light, you probably have bad wiring or a faulty igniter. You might need to replace the components to get everything back working again.

If you are only having problems with one of the burners or you have the single igniter option and you can’t get any of them to light, there is probably something that is clogging the igniter. Take the cooking grates off to access your burners. Locate the igniter that is affected and try pushing the button. There should be a tiny spark and you should hear a click. If your igniter is clogged, you need to clean it and try testing it again. When there is no clog present, you need to look at the wiring. If the wiring or switch is faulty, you need to replace them.

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