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It’s not every day that we need a new refrigerator. In fact, by the time you purchase your next one, you’ll probably see a whole new set of features and styles. So for folks who need a little bit a refrigerator primer, here are the different types of fridges you’ll see on the market.

Top Freezer

This is the most common type of freezer. The refrigerator is the bottom portion, and the freezer is at the top. It’s an inexpensive variety, but there are still some models with added features, and there is a considerable amount of refrigerator space.

Bottom Freezer

This is the inverse of the top freezer style. This type of refrigerator essentially has a chest freezer that slides out for easy access. Like a top freezer unit, this refrigerator section is also very spacious.


This is falling slightly out of trend, but it’s certainly not a bad style. The refrigerator and freezer are both vertical doors that take up an equal amount of space. This means that the freezer is easy to access, but the refrigerator section usually feels a little small.

French Doors

A somewhat newer style is almost a hybrid. It has a bottom freezer, but the refrigerator doors are French doors, meaning you have two equal sized doors. This is great for saving energy because you release let cold air when you open a smaller door. However, when you need to open both doors, it can be a little cumbersome.


These small refrigerators are meant to fit into limited spaces. They obviously can’t hold as much as a regular fridge, but it’s perfect when you don’t have much room—it can even sit on a countertop.

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