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How a Glass Doors Can Benefit Your Fireplace

Adding glass doors to your traditional wood-burning fireplace and chimney brings several benefits to the whole fireplace experience. Beyond the aesthetic enhancement, this accessory offers more advantages the fireplace area.

Increase Safety

Glass doors represent a protective barrier for everything. It impedes embers and sparks going into the room and causing flammable objects to catch fire or injuring someone. Also, it reduces the risk of damage to your belongings such as furniture or floorings such as linoleum, tiles, and wood near the fireplace. Furthermore, it prevents your children or pets from accidentally getting into the fire. Just keep in mind that glass can get extremely hot, so it is advisable to install a protective screen in front of the fireplace to ensure that children do not touch the doors.

install fireplace glass doors in Colorado

Lower Utility Costs

An open-hearth fireplace and chimney allow too much warm air to escape up and out the chimney, and in the summer, cool air-conditioned air escapes from the chimney. Glass doors conceal the fireplace, which increases the heating efficiency by reducing the amount of air lost up the chimney. This is what helps you to lower your utility costs.

Better Heating Efficiency

Glass doors can triple the efficiency rate because glass absorbs and radiates the heat into the room better than an open-hearth fireplace, and enclosing the firebox also enables firewood to burn greater and produce more heat.

wood burning fireplace with glass doors

Even though glass doors conceal a dirty firebox and help to keep ashes, sparks, and embers inside the fireplace, you need to clean the fireplace. That way, you will prevent toxic air pollutants that are present in dirty fireplaces from being distributed throughout your home.

Contact Hi-Tech Appliance professionals in Colorado when you are ready to install glass doors and improve the safety and energy efficiency of your home!

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