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Wood fired pizza ovens have been becoming increasingly popular in areas such as Westminster, CO, and it isn’t surprising why. Pizzas are a favorite food for many and families love having the luxury of making their very own pizzas at home. Interestingly, wood fired pizza ovens can also be used to make various other kinds of food, in an easier and more efficient way, giving your family, and the guests you are entertaining, a meal they will never forget.


Types of Wood OvensYou can bake a variety of vegetables in a wood fired pizza oven to get a delightful, smoky flavour that will change the way you eat vegetables forever.

Potatoes in particular are a versatile root vegetable that can be cooked in various ways in the pizza oven. Though baked potatoes have traditionally been made in standard convection ovens, a pizza oven suffuses the potato with smoke, giving it a richness and depth of flavour not experienced otherwise.

When baking vegetables in a pizza oven, do not use a full roaring flame. Instead, wait for the fire to die down before placing the vegetables close to the fire to bake them. For potatoes, if you prefer a crispy or charred outer skin, you can put the potato directly in the fire for a few seconds. However, most other vegetables should be kept away from the flames and cooked for shorter periods of time.


Well-seasoned meats with a little bit of oil rubbed into them can be cooked in a pizza oven for a delicious smoky flavor. The meat should not be cooked directly on the surface of the oven but set upon a rack that is placed above the fire. This will ensure that the meat remains tender and full of flavor.


You can also cook different kinds of fish in your pizza oven but make sure that the oven is well heated first before adding the fish. Similar to meat, do not cook the fish directly on the oven surface, instead place it on a rack or pieces of wood. The cooking process is short so you should keep an eye on it to ensure you get a delicious piece of cooked fish.

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