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If you’re not familiar with veneer stone, it’s a striking design choice that has been used by people since ancient times. However, as technology moves forward, implementing veneer stone in your home or backyard has become quite a bit easier. For those who are interested in veneer stone, one major decision has to be made early: man-made or natural? Here are the pros and cons of each.

Natural veneer stone in Erie, as a start, is the more expensive of the two options. This is generally the case when it comes to natural elements in construction. Along with this additional price, you also get more durability and versatility. One thing that bears mentioning when it comes to buying natural veneer stone, is that you’re going to get all the different colors, shades, and flaws that come with natural rock. You may want to make other design decisions with match with this appearance.


Veneer StoneIf you decide to go with the man-made option, you will be paying less than a natural stone veneer. For some, this may be enough of a selling point alone. However, what bears mentioning here is that man-made veneers are also a lot weaker. One good bump may expose a crack in it. This is why many people who opt for man-made veneers tend to buy a few extra pieces than what they need installed at the moment, just in case. In addition, man-made veneers are a lot lighter and easier to install. In both cases, veneer stone is relatively easy to keep clean. Simply give it a light dusting and washing every now and again.

It’s important to remember that there’s no right or wrong decision to make when it comes to exactly which type of stone veneer you use. Both have their pros and cons. Instead, think about your specific situation and what the best match is for that.

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