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Drastic weather changes and harsh weather can affect the condition of your outdoor areas. Strong winds, unexpected storms, and ice, can also lead to these outdoor areas going from beautiful and pristine to a disaster zone. But there are ways to ensure that your backyard survives even the strongest weather changes—by using veneer stone.

Having veneer stone installed in your outdoor kitchen or fireplace not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the area, but it also has the added benefit of keeping those areas safe. Interestingly, there are several advantages of using veneer stone that you may not have considered but might want to look into now.


The greatest advantage of veneer stone is that it is a natural resource. Anything that is found directly in the earth has beneficial qualities to it because the process of creating it is good for the environment, unlike manufactured elements that often cause damage to the earth by producing pollutants.

Additionally, because of its natural creation, the various rocks in veneer stone are unique so no two people will ever have the same look even when they purchase the stone from the same place.


Unlike other elements, veneer stone requires very little maintenance, making it a favourite for homeowners with outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. Veneer stone is extremely resistant to snow, rain, and ice, lasting for much longer than other materials of its ilk.

Easy Installation

If you think that a veneer stone install looks complicated, you needn’t worry. Because veneer stone is so lightweight, the installation process can be completed easily and quickly by professionals who can adapt to your budget and the scope of your project.

Veneer stone is also very lightweight and durable, which means it last longer, whether indoors or outdoors, ensuring one less worry for you.

Hi-Tech Appliance-Your High-End Appliance Provider

When looking at companies to help you with getting your veneer stone installed, always choose someone with a great deal of experience. Contact Hi-Tech Appliance for their veneer stone services as well as your other outdoor decor needs.

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