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Do Not Overlook Outdoor Kitchen Ventilation

When your grilling setup is used under an enclosed or even semi-enclosed overhead structure, it is advisable to install a vent hood to control the grease and smoke. A vent hood can also help to control smoke that may otherwise reach other zones of your outdoor kitchen, disturbing your guests.

Apart from avoiding smoke build-up, continuous grilling on a cooking appliance that is installed against an exterior wall will produce streaking and marks on the wall from the smoke if not vented properly.

Also, natural gas and propane-fueled grills need to be properly ventilated to ensure that there is enough air for combustion and to dilute the products of combustion to a safe level.

Outdoor Vent Hood Options

Wall Mount Vent Hoods

Also known as wall mount chimneys, this is the most popular vent hood option. Attached directly to the wall, this style of hood extends out over your grill.

Wall Mount Vent Hoods

Island Mount Vent Hoods

Island mount vent hoods are appended to the roof and are designed to be used in spaces where there is not a wall to attach the hood.

Island Mount Vent Hoods

How to Choose a Vent Hood

Look out for a fan of no less than 1200 CFM. CFM is a measurement of blower speed. In other words, it indicates how much air a fan moves.

The vent hood should be larger than the grill so it handles the smoke better. We recommend going approximately 6 – 8” larger than your grill head to make sure all of the smoke is being caught, thus reducing smoke buildup in the area.

Overall, venting your outdoor grill will improve the airflow in your covered patio, keep you from setting the roof on fire, and remove excess smoke, grease, and heat from your outdoor kitchen.

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