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The Key Signs

A washing machine is an essential part of running your household on a daily basis, so the last thing you want is to suddenly have it go out of commission when you need it most. With this in mind, what exactly can you look out for to show you need a new machine? For one thing, excess leakage or noise can be a bad sign. Water hoses located in the back of the machine can generally wear and come loose over time, especially as a washing machine moves. In some cases, a simple tightening may be enough. In others, this may lead to a replacement.

In some cases, it may not necessarily be a symptom, but a situation. For example, a top-loading washer and front-loading washer can have the same issue, but a top-loader will likely cost more to fix. The reason is that top-loading washers have parts that are generally more expensive than their counterparts. It may not be a bad idea to try and get ahead of the issue by buying a newer model first so your repairs don’t cost as much.

Repair Or Replace

Washing MachineWhen you discover a problem like this, you may find yourself debating between residential washing machine repair in Colorado and a full-on replacement. With prices ranging anywhere from $300-$2000 depending on what features you are looking for, and with prices currently rising, it can be a hefty investment and pricy decision to buy a new machine.

With this said, what’s the best way to make your decision? The ideal way to start is getting an estimate of the repair and comparing it to what you paid initially for the machine. This will help you determine which path to go down. If this is a substantial percentage and you’ve already had the machine for a while, it’s may be a better value to simply purchase the new machine.

Hi-Tech Appliance-Your High-End Appliance Provider

Repairing or replacing, if you have an issue regarding your washing machine, be sure to reach out to Hi-Tech Appliance today. We can help you decide the ideal match for your home and budget, as well as help you install and maintain it.

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