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We’ve talked about the importance of cleaning a grill before. You don’t want food to get stuck on the grill, and leftover food bits can attract backyard critters. Not to mention, when it’s time to grill again, you just have to spend more time trying to get everything clean from the last time. While there are definitely things you should do to correctly clean a grill, there are also some definite things you should avoid if you want to do things right.

The Foil Method

Once upon a time, the common cleaning method was to cover the grill grates with foil, turn the heat up, and let the residue turn to ash. This worked well, but it’s not really a method designed for newer grills. Back in the day, grill grates and grill parts were made from cast iron and could withstand harder temperatures, but if you try this method on most modern grills, you run the risk of warping your grill parts.

Other Downsides

Using the foil method is also dangerous. Foil placed over the grate will block heat from traveling and can actually try and find another way to escape. This can cause unwanted flare-ups and can even void your warranty on your grill.

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Do it Right

Don’t use the old method of cleaning your grill. When the food is off and the grill is still warm, use your grill brush and scraper to remove all of the food residue. The residual heat will help burn off the stuff that’s harder to take off. Give it another brush over when you set the grill to cook the next time.

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