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If you happen to own a wood fireplace, then chimney sweepings should be something that you are getting done on a semi-regular basis. Otherwise, you are making your home much more vulnerable to catching fire. This is because it is common for creosote and other debris to gather in the chimney whenever a fire is burned.

If left unchecked for a long period of time, then it can have several harmful effects, one of which is that it will make the chimney more likely to catch fire. But if you only recently got your fireplace installed, then you may have never experienced a chimney sweeping before. Here is what you can expect to happen during the process.

wood burning fireplace dirty chimneyThey Are Neater Than They Appear

While most people think of chimney sweeping as being an extremely dirty task that covers everything in black soot, it actually isn’t that bad. In reality, the only area that is going to get really dirty is the large metal bristle rod that is used by the chimney sweep. This is because they should take extra care to prevent anything else from getting dirty beforehand. This is usually done through the use of drop cloths and shop vacs to help contain any mess that occurs. Therefore, your home won’t be left covered in black debris after the chimney sweeping is finished.

Animals May Be In the Chimney

Something that surprises most homeowners is the fact that they might have animals living in their chimney. If you haven’t used your fireplace for a while, then it can allow birds, raccoons, and other critters to set up a home in them. So don’t be surprised if the chimney sweep finds a couple of critters living within your chimney when cleaning it.

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