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Top Features of Gas Fireplaces

There is a huge range of gas fireplaces available on the market and they include a wide variety of functions and features that make them a truly compelling home appliance.

Hottest Gas Fireplace Features

Before choosing your new gas fireplace model, here are just a few of the features that can enhance your gas fireplace:

Battery Backups

Typically, a power loss can leave you cold and in the dark. However, some gas fireplaces have a battery backup that will keep you going regardless of a power outage. When the power returns, don’t forget to remove the battery from the fireplace as its longevity can be affected.

Internal Fan

An internal fan is a feature that you can feel. It helps circulate the air in your room by pulling in cold air and blowing out hot air. This is a key feature for improving the energy efficiency of the appliance.

Electric Ignition

Many gas fireplaces use a pilot light to ignite flames, but your energy efficiency can be slightly improved by using an electronic ignition. If you are worried about starting the fireplace during a power outage, your battery backup will be able to save the day.

Gas Fireplace Enhancements

LED Lighting

One of the most exciting visual features is special LED lighting that can add a flickering effect inside of the fireplace. This will make the illusion of a ‘real wood’ fireplace even more convincing.

Flame Adjustment

This feature allows homeowners to adjust the flame in their fireplace to control the heat and appearance of their gas fireplace.

Thermostat Control

This is a feature that lets homeowners accurately set the temperature produced by their fireplace. This may be done with a wall-mounted control or a handheld remote.

need help to install your gas fireplace

If you are interested in installing a gas fireplace in Colorado, please visit our showroom in Louisville to see all of these features in action. If you have any questions, please contact Hi-Tech Appliance today!

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