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There’s nothing that can throw you off when you’re going through the kitchen like a mysterious smell, especially when it’s not obvious where it’s coming from. For example, in a refrigerator, the obvious culprit would be a piece of food that’s gone past its time, but what happens when that’s not the case? For one thing, water leakage in a refrigerator may lead to a variety of issues. You want to act on this as soon as possible, otherwise, it may develop into mold. Mold has a naturally recognizable mildew-like smell of its own as well. Another potential cause of a strange smell in the refrigerator may be poor air circulation. This can happen if certain areas are blocked off or just break down due to wear and tear over time. In other cases, a piece of food may have been removed long ago, but a scrap or stain of it remains.

Treating The Problem

Custom KitchenWith this in mind, how exactly can you get rid of these smells? The first step is to give it a thorough cleaning to ensure that it’s not just a food-related issue. Empty the entire refrigerator, as well as removing the shelves and crispers. At this point, you want to create a cleaning solution of one cup of baking soda per gallon of water to start deodorizing. Wash things down, then give the refrigerator roughly a day unplugged to dry out. If the smell persists, try to re-clean it again and wait another day.

By acting quickly, you may not need a replacement or major refrigerator repair in Arvada, CO to tackle this problem. However, for certain issues, it may already be too late. Just be sure you find a refrigerator repair professional that you trust.

Hi-Tech Appliance-Your High-End Appliance Provider

In some cases, a bad smell in your fridge just requires a quick fix, while in others, it may require a major change. In both situations, if you need professional help with your appliances, reach out to Hi-Tech Appliance today. We can help with repair as well as offer a variety of hi-tech replacement options.

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