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How to Determine Fire Pit Location and Space

Fire pits should be put into an open area that doesn’t have a lot of hanging tree limbs or brush.

Fire Pit Location

  • Choose a level location where sparks and flames aren’t able to reach plants, structures or other combustible materials.
  • Consider placing the pit near a view that you want highlighted.
  • Factor in the wind condition around your property.
  • Place the pit next to your spa, patio or outdoor kitchen area.
  • Find out if you need any building permits by contacting the city fire marshal for more information.

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Space Requirements

The location of your fire pit can affect your overall enjoyment and safety. To install a fire pit, you will need a wide-open space.

  • When installing your new pit, you want to make sure you have ample space for people to sit. There should be ample room for chairs around the outside of the pit.
  • Make sure there is ample space for people to walk when not using the fire pit. If someone becomes bothered by the smoke or gets too warm, there should be plenty of space for them to backup. The best thing you can do is to allow about seven-feet of space around the entire pit. This opens up enough space for traffic and furniture.

You can also determine the amount of space you need by marking off the size of your new fire pit and putting chairs around the area. This helps you determine the exact amount of seating you will have available.

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