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Which Grill is Best for You?

While we can not answer that question for you, we can certainly help you figure out which will be a better choice for your grilling needs.

It depends on your taste and cooking preferences. A charcoal grill will get you that smoky flavor you love. They can reach very hot temperatures for searing and charring. Gas grills are easier to start and clean, and the fuel source is cheaper than firewood. Let’s take a deeper look at some characteristics.

Authenticity Smoky Flavor

The authentic smoky flavor that we all adore is strongest with firewood. As you move to gas units, there is very little to none of this flavor left. However, the ease of flipping a switch and grilling is unmatchable!

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Space and Safety

Consider where you want to put the grill. Charcoal grills need open spaces, so if you have a small patio, move on to an electric grill. Covered up spaces are no good for charcoal grills as well. The same goes for gas grills, which need to be away from any structures, as they produce flare-ups that may create house fires.

Convenience and Grilling

Keep in mind how you plan to grill. A gas grill will be a perfect choice if you want to come home from work and throw some chicken or a couple of steaks on the grill with no hassle. This type of unit heats up much faster than its counterpart and has the convenience of a general cooking appliance.


Even though gas grills are more expensive than charcoal grills, gas burns cleaner and is less expensive per use than charcoal. You can easily pay more for a cookout on a charcoal grill, while gas might cost much less per cookout. This means that charcoal will not save you money in the long run.

Now that you have more information, it is time to buy a grill!

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