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While it is common for clothes dryers to get hot, very high temperatures aren’t normal, and an overheating dryer can be incredibly dangerous. Besides damaging your clothing, a dryer that’s getting excessively hot can also catch fire. Various issues cause dryers to overheat, and you may need major appliance repair and service without delay. Here we take a look at the most common causes of this problem.

Common Reasons Why a Dryer May Feel Too Hot

  • buy a high-quality dryer in ColoradoThe Thermostat Malfunctions – The dryer’s thermostat controls the heat levels. If this component fails, the dryer will either run too cold or hot. To maintain the required temperature, you would have to get the thermostat replaced. This is a straightforward task and can be done cost-effectively.
  • Defect In the Heating Element – When the appliance’s heating element is dying, the dryer will get very hot for a few cycles before it goes completely cold. Shorting of the heating element wiring can also result in continuous heat production, even when the control panel indicates that it should cool down. Replacing the heating element is the only way to solve this issue, and you would have to hire appliances’ repair professionals for the job.
  • Air Flow Issues – In a dryer, fresh air goes into the system, where it gets warmed by the heating element and dries the clothes. The damp, hot air, then gets expelled via the dryer vent. If there is some obstruction to the airflow, the dryer will begin to run too hot, and it will eventually break down.

It’s is crucial to check the dryer’s ductwork periodically and remove obstructions, if any. It’s critical to clean the unit’s lint trap after each use. If the dryer’s blower malfunctions, it will disrupt the airflow, and your dryer will run too hot till the blower wheel is replaced or repaired.

Hire Appliance Repair Experts 

Professionals that handle major appliance repair and service will be able to fix dryer problems skillfully. They will inspect the appliance thoroughly, check all the components, determine whether there are airflow issues, see if the heating element is defective, and check if the thermostat has malfunctioned. They will diagnose the problem and carry out the repairs quickly and efficiently.

You must hire proven technicians for all your residential washing machine repair and dryer repair requirements. They have the necessary qualification, training, and tools and will complete the job to industry standards.

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