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Just because you want to have a beautiful wood-burning fireplace installed in your home does not mean that you should have to burn through energy like crazy. There are certain wood fireplace models or features that you can purchase to make your fireplace an incredibly energy-efficient one. Here are the things that you should be looking for when purchasing a wood-burning fireplace.

EPA-Certified Fireplaces

When something becomes certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, you know it has to be good on energy consumption. These specific fireplaces fall in line with the Residential Wood Heater New Source Performance Standard that is set out by the EPA. This is a lot of industry jargon that basically means that these fireplaces are able to do far more by using far less.

EPA-certified fireplaces can be as much as 50 percent more energy-efficient than a standard fireplace. This means that they are able to use only a third of the wood supply than those non-certified fireplaces use. They also improve safety by significantly cutting down on creosote build-up and indoor smoke pollution.

wood-burning fireplace with glass doorsRumford Fireplaces

Although much smaller than the average fireplace, these fireplaces pack a big punch when it comes to energy-efficiency. Since Rumford fireplaces are much taller and shallower than standard models, they are able to perform like no other.

These unique wood-burning fireplaces are able to produce a lot more heat than the average model and can draw the smoke into the chimney and out of the top of it better than any other fireplace type.

Fireplace Inserts

These special metal boxes do exactly what their name suggests. They get inserted into a wood-burning fireplace. Once inserted, the sealed metal box uses outside air to help improve the combustion and warm the air. The warmed air is then circulated throughout the home and can reach an efficiency rating of up to 80 percent.

All of these options come in a variety of specific models that would be perfect for your home. To get started on improving the interior of your Superior, CO home, look for wood fireplace sales and contact the professionals at Hi-Tech Appliance.

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