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The Wood-Fired Advantage

Wood-fired pizza ovens can be an interesting addition to just about any Longmont, CO kitchen or outdoor kitchen, but many people don’t exactly understand why. One of the biggest advantage that you have is the fact that compared to your typical oven, wood-fired options have an evener heat distribution. In addition, there’s the flavor itself that wood imparts. Conventional ovens may have their benefits, but it’s impossible to replicate the flavor of wood.

One thing that you may not know is that fruits and vegetables tend to cook very quickly compared to other ovens. This speed actually helps them retain certain nutrients and antioxidants that may be depleted over the course of a longer cooking time. You also aren’t reliant on electricity or gas.

Choosing An Oven

Wood-Fired OvensAt this point, you’re ready to look into actually purchasing a wood-fired oven. What makes one option a good match over the others? For one thing, you want to take some time in advance and decide what exactly you plan on cooking in that oven. Generally, pizza ovens are some of the most popular wood-fired options out there, but if you plan on making dishes besides pizza, it’s worth taking a look at the dimensions of the oven to make sure that it will fit what you have in mind.

Another thing that bears mentioning is your plans for the home. Moving a wood fired pizza oven that can weigh up to 1000 pounds is a significant expenditure of energy and time, so make sure you are committed to a space before buying one.

One other thing that bears mentioning is there is also a surprising amount of flavor variance from using one type of wood to another. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types when it comes to your new over.

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