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Food, simply put, brings people together. We share meals with our friends and family, and a good meal can bring back pleasant memories for decades. We are lucky enough to be located in Louisville, Colorado surrounded by all sorts of wonderful food and drink specialties. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

No, we’re not talking about the briny deliciousness on the half shell. It’s not uncommon to find Rocky Mountain oysters on the menu at bars and restaurants deep fried and fantastic. But get ready for it—it’s bull or bison testicles! You heard right, and if you’re brave and bold, you can try it out.

Colorado Lamb

Try it roasted or grilled, but you really can’t do better than a fine piece of Colorado lamb for dinner. It’s a meat that’s more popular in other parts of the world, but it’s flavorful and local, and most people, when they try it, are hooked.

charcoal or gas grill


Bison were once a plentiful sight in the western part of the U.S., and they’re making a comeback. Bison is becoming a popular alternative to beef, and it’s lower in fat and lacks all of the icky hormones and other add-ons that come with beef these days. Not to mention, folks say it’s tastier, too.


Elk are plentiful in Colorado, and if you’re a hunter or you know a hunter, it’s something you’re probably already familiar with. Elk can be treated like you would venison, and it has a distinctive flavor that makes conventional grocery store meat seem boring and tedious.

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